United States
August 5, 2010 12:18pm CST
I was wondering what is everyone's fear? What are you most afraid of an why? I have three fears I'm scared of closed in places cause my brother closed me in the closet when I was little. I'm also scared of dark hallways I've always been afraid of something or someone jumping out at me.I'm very scared of Freddy Kruger I know he's not real, but for some reason when I see him in movies or shows I freak.
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@juneramir (334)
• Philippines
5 Aug 10
I have a fear of heights and I am scared of snakes and throwing up. This is are minor fears I can work on to overcome. Yes, they freak me out but I have been working on overcoming them and I have been proud of my progress. I have never really shared my greatest fear. Maybe because it tends to make me the most vulnerable or maybe because it is truly something I fear without a doubt. Not many people know this fear as I really keep this to myself. Just recently I was thinking about it again and thought it was time to put it out there. I have a great fear of being alone. Now this fear isn’t just simply being alone, like single, a day by myself, etc. This is the fear that one day I will be all alone with no body in the world. Yes, this is a something I greatly fear but in the end, it might not even happen. I could simply be loved and supported just as I am now. Good day to you my friend :)
@venture (12)
5 Aug 10
I am afraid of heights, flying and some stuff in water. Honestly i can't really tell why am so afraid of heights, i guess that's something i was born with. Maybe its high time to face my fear factor. With so many plane crashes who wouldn't be afraid of flying planes. I can swim perfectly fine as long as i am quaranteed that there isn't a shark or snake in the water. My fear exists in different levels, i am afraid of living creatures in the water as well as the deepest water. As long as i can see what's happening inside the water i will be fine.
@lulu1220 (1006)
• United States
5 Aug 10
I am afraid of bugs and tight spaces. I can however watch any horror movie in the dark by myself.