Love to spread Your arms together with Your love one in the ship?

@rugene (57)
August 7, 2010 10:35am CST
Titanic is a very romantic tragedy movie,Yet it is really amazing that there are love Develope in the ship,It means that Love is everywhere EVen Though in Death. FOR me I want to try the Jack and Rose spreading effect in the ship,I think it is perfectly Romantic.LOl.DO you want tO try?
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• India
21 Aug 10
the write love on her arm's simple write love on your arm tomorrow and hopefully encourage someone who may be handling a tough situation.this is actually a variation on what the actual twloha organisation does.if you are unfamiliar.though, i hope this clears
@kaylachan (50782)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
9 Aug 10
To be quite honest. No. I'd be to affraid. It would be amazing if I could stand on my own two feet on a ship, any ship, much less do what "Jack and Rose" did. Then again they were on solid grownd too, with the illusion being drawn for the viewer. In reality, that would be much more frightening. At least for me. Actually being on a ship more than a few hours scares me. Only because I've never been on bord one more then a couple more hours. Just my luck, and I sat in one place while it was actually moving. To think, and know... that yeah... they would be that high. The wind in my hair knowing I was traveling twenty-two knots.... scarry concept.
@ivansama (758)
• Bulgaria
7 Aug 10
Well yeah that is one of the most romantic moments in the history of cinema in my point of view. everyone would enjoy doing that