Opinions and thoughts on Inception?

August 8, 2010 10:08am CST
I really enjoyed the recent blockbuster, becoming wrapped up in the story and appreciating the complexity of it all. However,the movie did leave many loose ends and unexplained phenomena ( for example, how did the 'limbos' of the chinese businessman and the main characters path cross at the end? ). I also believed the shooting scenes at the end here unneccessary and dragged on. It was directed well and the idea for the movie gave the opppurtunity for some incredible special effects, but in my opinion I ould have liked more dialogue and not so much jumpy scene-cutting.
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@sender621 (14934)
• United States
8 Aug 10
I am a Leonardo DiCaprio fan. i have so many good things about him in this film. i haven't had the chance to see it yet. Ican't wait to see it though. I am sure i will not be disappointed.
@lexx87 (1710)
• Mexico
8 Aug 10
It is a really good film , i love it one of the best from summer :)
• Philippines
12 Aug 10
I loved this film. It was original and truly entertaining. I'm also a huge leonardo fan and I love his work. Overall I would say that its one of the best films for this year.
@blueboy3 (123)
• Ireland
8 Aug 10
I think Inception is a really good movie, though not a great one. I like that I watched the movie and it made pretty good sense, except for a few detail, but that then as I thought about those details, everything got really complicated. It is one to see more than once. I agree with you that the 'action' element at times gets in the way. There is so much happening at certain points that there is no time to reflect on what is happening. I guess the problem is that as a Hollywood movie that needs to make a profit, it tries to keep everyone happy - the action audience, the thriller audience, the bend-my-mind audience. Less would have been more. I think of movies like Hidden, which are much simpler on the surface, but pack a powerful punch, and with a final detail that makes you rethink everything you've seen.