writing for sites or blogging??

@asja1388 (131)
August 9, 2010 5:29pm CST
Hello everyone, It is about 8 to 9 months since I started to look for oppurtunities to earn online. I looked into pct sites, investing, earning through commenting like mylot and through writing online articles and blogging as well as freelancing. To be honest I didnt really stick to anything thats why I only earned pennies. Well now, I would stick to one or two things and keep on going. The problem just is I am not sure about certain things: I have read a few discussions on writing online and some professional ( well at least thats what they call themselves) writers complain about people accepting a very low pay for writing articles. I was already convinced about writing online but now I am doubting- is it really a waste of time and more importantly- is my work not paid well? Will I get paid in the long term according to my efforts? Are sites such as helium paying their writers fairly? The other question is: is blogging bringing in more profit? Is it a better option? And has anyone experience with suite101? Any suggestion and comments will be appreciated, thanks in advance Please do not put any referral links in
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• United States
11 Aug 10
I like writing for sites more than I do blogging because when I write for a website that I know will pay me, I know I'll get paid. I just can't seem to make money blogging that much, but I like writing for websites more.
@greenline (14838)
• Canada
11 Aug 10
One of the sites I have been with (and enjoying) is "Review Stream". One can write brife reviews on a variety of topics, things one comes across in the day-to-day activities, shopping, movies, travel, websites, and so on. I have been paid whenever I get to the minimum amount, which is $50. If you like writing reviews, you might want to take a look at "Review Stream" !
@jumesbond (109)
• Turks And Caicos Islands
10 Aug 10
It really just depends on how much money you're hoping to make from it all. Some people say that they can make a living by writing full-time for online websites, but they have a strategy for making that work for them. They know how to write lots of articles in a short amount of time. Writing high-quality articles that take a lot of time to write is not going to make you money and is usually a waste of time.