How can I finish boredom.

@hamza123 (981)
August 11, 2010 5:39am CST
I am a student of electrical engineering and am currently having vacations but as I am not used of such a habit and so I am feeling very very bored.Is there any one here who can guide me how to remove this boredom. It can be anything and I am going to be really helpful to everyone.
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@fannitia (2167)
• Bulgaria
11 Aug 10
I would suggest you to make a travel. Visiting new places is a great way to refresh your mind, to learn new things, to have new experiences which you can't have at home. If this is not possible right now you may do short trips, but don't stay at home, in front of your computer!
@olepmis (840)
• Philippines
11 Aug 10
If you are a christian why not read the Holy Bible or read books that are interesting to you. If not please PM me.
@HADDOWZ (1469)
11 Aug 10
Well being here in the myLot community is a good way to start removing the bored feeling. With so many members, topics and discussions to read and respond to you are sure to find one of interest. Why not set yourself alittle target for your day, ie. I will respond with quality to atleast 12 discussions here in myLot today. Respond to a few then get up go outside and get some fresh air, clear your mind and then restart your responses. You will be pleasantly surprised just how quick the day passes and you will also have some sense of achieving a personal goal. Have a happy day, whatever you decide to do.
• United States
11 Aug 10
that's an easy one go out and help someone less fortunate than you say at a soup kitchen or children s home !its hard to be bored when u know you are doing something of value
@kuberans (26)
11 Aug 10
Hi If you like reading you just do that or teach any one junior student. it's must useful
• India
11 Aug 10
You feel bore when you are bit lazy. Why don't you try listening to music, watching movies. Or else you can hang out your friends, i hope you have got friends around you. But when i feel bore i do chat online with friends. And it really helps me to save boredom. Some time try cooking, its going to really help you lot.