Chicarito's the next star?

@icecubic (1848)
August 11, 2010 10:45am CST
Through one wicket tally to Chelsea, Javier Hernandez gives an introduction to the British public. Chicharito-nickname-Hernandez looks promising for Manchester United. Trace back to a few months ago, Javier Hernandez Balcazar name may sound familiar. So, when MU sign him last April, the fair if there is a frown. But her appearance with the Mexican national team in the last six months, could be a 'Red Devil' was the wrong choice. In the last seven matches with El Tri, he produced nine goals in which two of which he printed at the World Cup in 2010. Sir Alex Ferguson had called lucky to get "only" with seven million pounds (about USD 99 billion). Because the price can be more expensive than that if you saw his performance in South Africa yesterday. Chicharito then played his first game for Manchester United on July 28 when confronted with the MLS All Stars. One immediate goal that resulted in his debut match. And obtaining his goal in pramusim not end there. In a game that "unique", two days after the fight against MLS All Stars, even breaking into nets MU Chicharito kala strengthen his old club, Chivas Guadalajara. But turn strengthen the MU, a second round match at the same time, she had not even contributed one goal. He then produced another goal when Manchester United visit to Dublin to face the League of Ireland. Chicharito scored one of the seven goals that produced The Red Devils in the game. Higher exam came time to face Chelsea in the Community Shield, Sunday (08/08/2010) evening hrs. Sign in to replace Wayne Rooney in the 46th minute, Chicharito provide a good introduction. Youth scored 22 this year with a slightly funny way. Antonio Valencia cross from the right side grabbed the right leg kick. However, the first ball hit his face before entering into the goalpost. This means, Chicharito always scored goals in the last four games in which he played. Chicharito also celebrates his goal at Manchester United supporters as he kissed the logo on his jersey. For supporters of Manchester itself, it might be expectations and hope that the number back 14 could be their new star. That prediction Sir Alex that he is a new Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is not just a figment.what is your expectation for him?let's share. . .
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• Vietnam
26 Sep 10
With Chicharito and Wayne Rooney in our team's attacking position, we will achieve all trophies and dominate the world. A new star has been born in the sky of Old Trafford.....
@wikuowen (22)
• India
26 Aug 10
I agree with you that Javier Hernandez is a great prospect for the Red Devils. One thing that you have to consider is about his experience in English football, as Manchester United rarely produced a star from South America. Most of the South American player in United performs not so well, if you still remember the case of Juan Sebastian Veron, Tevez, and Diego Forlan. Well, let's wait for Chicarito, and hope the best for his career, and of course for United.
@ram_cv (16515)
• India
20 Aug 10
I am not sure on Hernandez just yet. Both during the world cup and during the couple of matches that I have seen him play for Manchester United, he looks another huff and puff player without really threatening the goal much. The goal that he got in the community shield was more lucky than anything else. He bounced of his chest into the goal. I think I would like to see him settled down for another say 5-10 matches and reserve my comment on him till then. Cheers! Ram
• Goa, India
12 Aug 10
He has been a great signing and he surely makes all manchester united fan happy. He has been playing really well in preseason and hopefully naaaaaaah surely will continue to score for manchester united. Fergie and his scouting team have done awesome job to find such a gem even before the world cup where he performed really good and helped save manchester united save a lot of money. Chicharito played well and combined really nicely with berbatov in the community shield match that shows how quickly he has gelled with the team. Hopefully he will reduced the burden from rooney's shoulders and take manchester united to glory.
@Revan2009 (469)
11 Aug 10
Good post icecubic, it was very informative although some parts of it was quite confusing, at one point I thought you were talking about a woman, as you say "she" rather often. As for the new MU player.... I'm not quite sure what he'll be like. Man Utd have had awesome South Americans and Central Americans before, but they couldn't adapt to the English style of football. I remember Veron playing for Man Utd many years ago, he was famous for his footballing abilities in Italy, but when he transferred to United he was average. Regardless, I hope this new player does play as good as he has been playing for the whole season. We can't really afford to drop any of our top players, we don't really have the same strength in depth squad that we had few seasons ago.
@Rtlsnk316 (1197)
• Mexico
11 Aug 10
Well, what can I tell you? I'm mexican so, it is very inspirational that a third generation soccer player like him, representing his country is starting to make it big already in a huge football country like England. And that's just the beginning, any other fellow countrymen playing for big teams like Chicharo does for MU is an example that anybody can achieve greatness. Even when not all of them succeed, but at least they were given a shot, and that's a great thing to achieve. Congratulations to him and we wish him the best.