Aside from drinking... what else do you do with your coffee???

August 11, 2010 11:08am CST
I know that millions of people drink coffee. Just enjoying coffee as a drink can already be done in so many ways, e.g. black, with cream, frappuccino, cappuccino, and espresso among others. Aside from that coffee can be mixed with different flavors to enjoy it more, e.g. caramel, chocolate, vanilla, atc. But WHAT ELSE can you do with your coffee??? Here are some of which I have tried doing with coffee: 1) Coffee Ice Cream 2) Coffee Jelly 3) Coffee Cake 4) Coffee Porridge I know, I know.... what I have mentioned above has already been done by others. But how about: 1) Coffee fertilizer (using grind coffee as plant fertilizer) 2) Coffee painting (using coffee as means of ink) 3) Coffee body cream (using coffee as exfoiliant) 4) Coffee dye (using coffee as a dyeing material, effective mostly on paper) How about you? Got any other coffee idea?
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@buenavida (9985)
• Sweden
12 Aug 10
I have often used it when I want a tasty icing on a cake. I take sugar (prefer muscovado sugar or brown sugar) and a little strong hot coffee and mix it until the sugar melts. Then I add a couple of tablespoons of cocoa and stir it until it is easy to spread on the cake. Really yummy..
12 Aug 10
how nice. I've tried it too... oh... the good old days. It's really much better to use muscovado/brown sugar since it isn't so sweet when added to the coffee, right? and much more healthy too.
@Suzieqmom (2755)
• United States
11 Aug 10
I make coffee milk shakes (Mix with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup, or the other way around, and add ice if you like). I have also made frozen coffee ice pops (I mix in the milk & sweetener first). As for uses for coffee grounds, not only do they work as a fertilizer, they can be used as an ant deterrent, especially around the perimeter of your house. They are safe and good for the soil, and ants do not like the odor and will move their nests. You can also pour coffee grounds down your sinks or drains to help keep them from clogging.
12 Aug 10
Hi Suzieqmom!! I'm interested on how coffee grounds can help keep sinks and drains from clogging, how will that happen? Could you kindly explain the principle behind this great idea? Because I want to save money and some of it goes to buying anti-clogging liquids, if coffee grounds can be a great alternative then I really would like to know how. Thanks.