Can anyone help me with the freelancer websites?

@hamza123 (981)
August 12, 2010 2:15am CST
Hello everybody and I hope that today is the one of those days that you would like to repeat in your life and that it has less of worries and more of joys and happiness for you. Well I am here because I want your help.May be some of you can not be able to help me but I hope that mostly will be. Well I am interested in freelancer website because i want to make money.I have created an account for the purpose and am trying my best to earn but inspite of my efforts i am still unable and am trying but it seems that all of it is going in vain and that now I feel that I need help of some trained person who can gudie me step by step and can make me earn good.So an idea came to my mind and that was that all the people who are here on mylot have some sort of experience in the internet money making field and that they are getting good output from here that is why they keep on going.So I have decided to ask anyone of you who can guide me step by step in the freelancer business and allow me to make a good some of money so that I am able to purchase a new mobile phone for myself because being young and a student of a university that is my primary aim these days besides some other very important plans. So I will be looking for help from you people and will be waiting because at present you people are the only source from which I can earn via the freelancer websites. I shall be grateful to you. Regards
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@bloggeroo (2167)
• Philippines
12 Aug 10
I don't really know what kind of help you need about freelancing. You may have to ask specific questions so I can provide specific answers. Anyway, I'll just take this opportunity to express my views on freelance writing because I've been trying to harmonize all my online activities. So far, I've reached the conclusion that freelance writing is best approached as an extended blogging activity. As I see it, the freelance writer needs to create a writer's portfolio as part of a long-term career plan. And this plan is best implemented through blogging. To solve the moneymaking part of the freelance writing work, I have approached it as a networking problem. Pieces of writing published at Squidoo, Triond, Helium, HubPages, and so on, should be seen as an opportunity for creating backlinks and also for moving visitors/readers from one webpage to another through these links. Since most of what's been published are already sunk cost, these pieces of writing are simply writing samples to promote the writer and improve his bargaining power. To be continued...