Should girl friend learn to bargain?

@liuzhi (265)
August 12, 2010 4:23am CST
How do you think of it?I used to go shopping with my girl friend.But she doesn't know how to bargain!By the way,bargain is always happening here.I just feel a little unsatisfied with her.In my view,a girl should be thrifty and know how to bargain so that she can run a family well financialy.
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@coffeeshot (3785)
• Australia
12 Aug 10
Well I think that we should always be on the look out for bargains and spend our money wisely. But when it comes to bargaining or haggling I guess some people are shy to do it. I don't really like to do it but I always look around to make sure I have found the best price.
@liuzhi (265)
• China
12 Aug 10
You are right.She is also shy to bargain.I think we need to find the best price when we are buying sth.