In order to start more topics,from now on,I will post some beautiful song lyrics

@liuzhi (265)
August 12, 2010 8:30am CST
As told above,I will choose to post some beautiful song lyrics to share.Welcome everyone to share with me~
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@owlwings (43503)
• Cambridge, England
12 Aug 10
Please read the Guidelines. Song lyrics are generally copyright material and so cannot be posted. The other thing is that just posting song lyrics does NOT make a discussion. The only possible response, usually, is something like 'How lovely' or 'Thanks for posting this'. That is not a quality response by any stretch of the imagination. Discussion topics should be such that they engage people and encourage them to post descriptive, relevant and original responses. A discussion only becomes a discussion, too, if YOU have something descriptive, relevant and original to say in return. If you don't or can't do that, then you will earn NOTHING more from the discussion. MyLot is NOT about starting as many topics as possible: it is about participating. You would be best advised to search for topics in which you have an interest and to which you have something of quality to say. There have been hundreds of discussions posted every day for the last five years so if you can't find one immediately, search under 'My Interests' or 'No Responses' to see if you can find something suitable.
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