can you define love from affection??

August 13, 2010 12:50am CST
I had a second thought what love can give me when im deeply inlove with the person and that person had another girlfriend.. i just bare in mind that im the only one he loves and care wondering how long can i take this kind of situation which i wanted to be the only and last girlfriend she will have.. its so hard to admit it but i have to commit myself to him to feel satisfy and happy..
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@sirrob (4111)
• Philippines
15 Aug 10
To be honest, I really don't see any future with this kind of relationship. From the start it is doomed already. How could you have someone if that someone has another one? At the same time that person has no love towards you. I really can't see anything that will progress with just this kind of description you have given. And I am just basing anything out of what is presented and logically. You're just going to hurt yourself by loving someone who don't love you back. Remember that love is a two way system, it's not good if you're the only one having such feelings.
• Philippines
22 Aug 10
thanks for the sincere advice,really appreciate it.. your totally right,i realized my love is not worth at all and its really wasted... Thanks a lot!!
@priyayogi (222)
• India
13 Aug 10
every one depend love and affection for anybody. Nothing to get love and affections if any one person that person life style is change to another bad way. so every one need to love affection and care in anybody or somebody persons. so all of them love to all.
• Philippines
14 Aug 10
thanks for the response... :D your truly right of affection from a person's feeling..i just hope love and affection both come along in every relation..