Kuroshitsuji II

August 13, 2010 4:23am CST
Kuroshitsuji II is now airing, and Im currently watching it. Its good that Sebastian and Ciel were back. Aside from the new characters added in the new story. Theres Alois Trancy and his butler Claude Faustos. It seems that its not only Sebastian who is "one hell of a demon" that we've known in season 1 but theres new. XD hmm.. puzzles me who is much better.. however.. [strike]since I love Sebby kun, I knew that Sebastian is cooler and better!![/strike] teehee.. err.. not trying to be bias. But all is welcome to comment and post their opinions. ^.^
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@lazette (216)
• Philippines
11 Jan 11
I'm very disappointed with the ending of II. To be specific, I feel sad for Sebastian. He should have at least obtained Ciel's soul for himself. It's sort of sad that he's bound to him without getting anything in return. He didn't even smile at the last parts of the show.
• Philippines
16 Jan 11
true, its sad that it ended that way :( i do root for sebby kun to eat ciel's soul but its impossible now... thanks for posting
@m_perez (506)
• United States
13 Aug 10
I was really ecstatic when I saw that Sebastian and Ciel were back. In my opinion Sebastian is much better than Claude. Also Ciel is better than Alois. I actually find Alois to be rude and I don't like his personality. I just finished watching the seventh episode of Kuroshitsuji 2 on Youtube. It was hilarious. You should watch it id you still haven't.
• Philippines
14 Aug 10
True, I really like Sebastian and Ciel. ^.^ For Alois I kinda dont like him too and same goes to his butler Claude. I felt the same too when Ive heard few months ago that yes they are going to release 2nd season for kuroshitsuji. And yes Im waiting for the next episode haha.. Thanks for posting. ^.^
@stanley777 (9402)
• Philippines
8 May 12
I love this show too- I loved the first anime series but i didn't get to finish it since i couldn't find a complete copy, I was only up to where we see the angel fight with Sebastain. it is a nice anime- unique.
19 Feb 11
well after watching both ending of the story it's not like i hate the Kuroshitsuji II i just think that Ciel would've been much more happy with the first ending so i'm really wishing the mangaka would have the same kind of ending.