Are you Cool?

August 16, 2010 3:56am CST
Most people have their own definition of the word "cool". Some might relate it to the things that are awesome for them to be done and did by someone they know. And also some might define it as an attitude that lack of nervousness and action of well planned within difficult situations. For me, the word "cool" always refer to someone who are know what are they doing while in critical situations and not being influenced by any factor that make them shift on their decisions to make and made. Also, by being "cool" they show lack of nervous to face certain challenge that might move some emotion. So, how about you? What is your definition of the word "cool" in your life? And what made you define "cool" as what you thought of? Thanks for discussing with me!
4 responses
@megamatt (14292)
• United States
16 Aug 10
I most likely would not be considered cool by the general public. However, that is just something that I am not bothered about these days. There was a time where I was bothered about being trendy, and hip. That was quite the three weeks in High School I tell you. Then I decided that it really was not worth my time or energy. People are either going to like me or I do not. I think being cool is just what is considered to be trendy by the most. Of course, fads come and fads go, therefore, the definition of cool is ever changing. Five minutes after I post this, it is highly likely that it will change. The fact that people spend their time obsessing about this a lot of the time really can be a bit sad a lot of the time. Such is life.
• Indonesia
16 Aug 10
cool is never get anger even taunted or teased in avariety ways but still calm and tahts cool to me .
@incus99 (1083)
• Philippines
16 Aug 10
For me, "Cool" is the ability to adapt appropriately to any adverse situation in a shortest possible time...Am I cool with that definition.
@akn1961 (1034)
• India
16 Aug 10
i am very cool and balanced ,normally i speak any word with full thinking ,weather the same is required or not ,i avoid harsh words,thx for ur write up.