Kids found instant Noodle tasty

United States
August 17, 2010 4:34am CST
I have to admit it, my two nephews found instant noodle tasty, and they eating it almost everyday. I bought a box of instant noodle from the Asian market the other day, so I can have something to munch on when I was hungry, and I want to avoid the hassle of cooking myself. Later, I shared it with my 2 nephews, they fall in love with it. On the next day, I found my box was half gone already. They ate them the most. I should prepare it for myself and hide it somewhere else.
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• Philippines
12 May 12
when i was a kid i used to eat instant noodles frequently, i used to eat it 2 times a day. as i a grow up, i realize it's not good for health so now i only eat instant noodles every after a few months.
• India
21 Aug 10
hi...even my son loves noodles, cause he likes the taste and he'll it 4 times a week.
• Philippines
18 Aug 10
I think it's not right to feed instant noodles to our small children because it may cause urinary tract infection. Our pediatrician advised me to buy fresh foods for my children since my eldest got UTI because of this that he always like to eat every day. Instead of instant noodles, I cook spaghetti for them once or twice a week. But now that they are older, I let them eat maybe thrice a week in a small amount.
@mcaquino (60)
• Philippines
17 Aug 10
Hi instant noodle is tasty because of its ingredients not suitable for a is high in sodium that can cause kidney diseases.I have a niece who is also addicted with this instant noodles,,after a month she suffered from urinary you better keep it before anything will happen.
@kurumi (85)
• Singapore
17 Aug 10
It better not to eat it everyday. Before your nephew becomes "addicted", better not let them eat too much. Instant noodles don't contain a lot of nutrients and not to mention things like MSG, artificial coloring, preservative etc etc. that are not good for health