who is the most beautiful kunoichi in naruto? waht's your opinion?

August 17, 2010 9:12am CST
There are many kunoichis who leave a deep impression in naruto.They're not only careful,gentle,but also very brave and firm when they face difficulties.Sakura,Ymanaka Ino,Hyuga Hinata,Tenten,Tsunate,Shizune,Rin......among them i think Hinata is the most beatiful one.Despite she is too shy sometimes especially when naruto is nearby,she defeats herself again and again.And she overcomes cowardness.
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@Kirinx (1688)
• United States
4 Apr 11
I really thought Hinata was cool she is shy and cute but still kicks butt.She looks even cooler when she gets older.I agree with you there nightkid. I liked sakura but only when she got older and more serious.
@jorje89 (40)
• Romania
8 Sep 10
I think Tsunade is the most beautifull. She looks great for her age.
@xebazuel (51)
• United States
26 Aug 10
Anko...she's just awesome and weird. XD Though I do like Hinata and Tsunade as well. (I would love to eliminate Sakura..she makes me want to die)
@musedsmh (254)
• Indonesia
17 Aug 10
mmm, i think the most beautifull kunoichi in my version is between tsunade and kureani, they are really hot for me hhehe
• Malaysia
19 Aug 10
It's been a mix in my opinion about those beauties in the Naruto anime. Each of the female characters in the anime possessed the beauty in their own characteristics. But as for appearance, if they all line up in bikinis, I think Kurenai will be the one who stands out. No offense for Tsunade, she's a bit too old and her boobs are way too big.
@xenoyosh (121)
29 Aug 10
I think that hinata really has a certain charm that i can't resist. She may be shy but she has the most heart amongst the kunoichis.
@babz02 (250)
• Philippines
17 Aug 10
For me, The Fifth is the most beautiful, if they were all at the same age, I think Tsunade would stand out. After all, she is one of the Sanin!