What can woman do that men cannot do???

August 17, 2010 9:29am CST
AT this present time, men and women are considered equal. Physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially. Men and women do compete at work. But, do you agree that there are things that a woman can do that a man cannot?? hehehe...
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@aquariand (464)
17 Aug 10
I think the only thing a woman can do that a man can't is give birth to a baby. Evertything can be done by both sexes nowadays as there is no discrimination in equality of both sexes.
• Philippines
17 Aug 10
^_^ I agree getting pregnant is the only thing I can think of that men can't do.
@creed30 (127)
7 Sep 10
bear a child...
@babz02 (250)
• Philippines
17 Aug 10
It goes both ways, we men certainly cannot go to the womens comfort room, and vice versa. Not to be sexist, but I agree that women can do what men can, but I don't think they are as good at it as we do. =)