do you think the Ipad or others like it ,will replace the laptop in the future?

August 18, 2010 4:00am CST
i love using a laptop or a small notebook. i think that with almost all establishments putting up free wifi, everyone can have so much fun and ease using a laptop. but with the new ipad technology, do you think that it will replace the laptop in the future? being very 'traditional (?)' person, i choose to keep using laptops. i love them. they really help out with everything. so i think i'll choose to have the laptop stay for a very long time
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@paula27661 (15898)
• Australia
19 Aug 10
I don’t own any Apple products. I have my trusty Toshiba laptop which I love and apparently can do more than an I Pad at the moment. Someone told recently that although the I Pad is amazing and has many apps etc. it is more for entertainment value and not about to replace laptops and notebooks any time soon!
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@pacolim (84)
• Singapore
26 Aug 10
I don't think so, there's still a lot of limitation on iPad or tablet PC. You can't install custom software on these device, also can't run heavy job or processing. But nothing is definate, let see how tablet PC evolves.
@voldrox (7202)
• India
19 Aug 10
No, i don't think ipads are going to replace the laptops, coz ipad can't do all those things that a laptop can. For now the processing power of the ipad isn't much and although you can have lots of apps for ipad, it can't be compared to what you use on the laptop. Besides, laptops make a better workstation, and desktops even better. You can't work for long on ipads, neither are they really comfortable to use. And they can't do the rendering videos and editing and stuffs. Ipads are large ipods. I would always prefer using a laptop, a touch screen laptop, even better.
@calai618 (1779)
• Philippines
19 Aug 10
Now, Ipad is not for me since it is very limited and it seems like it's just a fancy little gadget. I am a heavy user and it will not be too easy for me to use it. I also cannot install photoshop, corel, autocad and other essential applications for me. Maybe if they become more generic in the future, it would be more helpful for me.
@kaylachan (4775)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
19 Aug 10
I would have to say no. I don't think its possible. The Ipad is nothing more then a shinny peace of plastic. Its useless and can barely do what everyone claims it can. No multi-tasking the sync feature is usless with no usb port or anything of that nature. Newer modles are supposed to fix those issues, but the laptop would still be required to get data back and forth outside of e-mailing attachments to yourself. Laptops are still needed to make the most use out of the Ipad, and are are worth more. They don't cost an arm and a leg, and the ones that do make this fact well worth it. All the things laptops are designed for makes a big differance in the fuctionality of them. Personally the Ipad would have to have a lot of work done to it for it to perform half as well, and even that's not good enough. I have said this once, and I don't mind saying it again. Apple needs to stop being so eger to produce product after product. Their most recent products IPAd, and the Iphone 4 have way too many bugs, and more or less don't perform to the abilities they are designed to do. With this in mind it says something. At least I think so.
• United States
18 Aug 10
I don't think the iPad will be replacing a laptop anytime soon, because you can do a whole lot more on your laptop than you can do on the iPad and laptops are something that a lot of computer users use, not the ipad. I won't be buying one any time soon and it's not a standard that everyone has to have one yet.
@ShepherdSpy (8561)
• Omagh, Northern Ireland
18 Aug 10
Computers are evolving,there's no doubt of that,but We're still in the interim stages of getting where it's going..tablet format machines are not the end of the road in portable computing.We've moved from the Luggable portable computers in the '80s to laptops to netbooks and tablets..look at current developments in lightweight e-ink and flexible screen technology,faster processors with lower energy consumption,the development of wireless connectivity and cloud computing..devices are going to get smaller and lighter still..the iPad,though a desirable piece of kit,can still be awkwardly heavy to handle for long periods of time.The qwerty keyboard has held on since the "Typewriter" company got the monopoly on those early typing machines,becoming the de facto standard.As long as people have no alternative to qwerty keyboards,the keyboard and screen format will hold on.I like the idea of a touchscreen keyboard,as it can be configured to any language or format of keyboard layout..
@ElicBxn (61041)
• United States
18 Aug 10
as a pretty happy owner of a first gen iPhone, I have to say that until they can either improve the key board function of an iPad or allow you to hook up an external keyboard, the iPad won't replace a laptop. And considering that I doubt Steve Jobs wants to obsolete his powerbooks, I also rather think that the iPad isn't really going to do that. I think he was looking for something that was a between an iTouch or iPod and a full laptop - and to horn in on the screen reader like the Kindle market
@BigTips (305)
• China
18 Aug 10
I don't think iPad has the potential and posbility to replace laptop in the future. Although iPad is designed by Apple, who iPhone has gained a big success, it doesn't mean that iPad will also make a difference in future. You see, compared with laptops, iPad still has lots of drawbacks, which leads to its difficulty to succeed. Of course, predictably, its appearance and popularity will bring a challenge to those traditional laptop producers.
• China
18 Aug 10
They will,but not very soon, I think. Those technologies are still young and have limited functions. So far, ipad or similar products is suitable for entertainments like surfing the net. But they can't work as a mobile workstation. The microprocess hardwares still need improving.