what vitamins is good for him?

August 18, 2010 9:50pm CST
hello... i know a person he is so thin. he is thin because he dont eat meat because he had an allergy if he eat meat so what vitamins if good for him?
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@Sakura24 (175)
• Philippines
19 Aug 10
Let him take multivitamins supplementation,just choose a product that has many vitamins and minerals in it. Also, he is deficient in protein because he doesn't eat meat, he can have beans as a good source of protein. He should also include Vitamin C to boost his immune system so he won't get sick easily especially if there are sick people surrounding him. Maybe, he is not eating enough carbohydrates that is why he is thin.Lack of proteins can't really make people thin but it can cause kwashiorkor it is characterized by edema,irritability, anorexia and enlarged liver. He can also take Appetite Stimulants so he will have an appetite to eat.
@lolo58 (54)
• United States
26 Aug 10
I agree with Sakura...But to add a little more. Many people do not meat and are still healthy and have an excellent lifestyle. It would be very good if he started adding protein to diet. It could be in the form of shakes, bars, tofu, eggs - there are some very tasty itmes out there on the market so he won't feel like he's indulging in things that are not healthy. The biggest issue here is his health. If his body is not getting the nutrients it needs there are systems that will break down and he will get sick...Has he been tested for meat allergies? Is it all meats? Just processed? What if he tried organic? Has he done away with fish, chicken and turkey also...