most embarrassing moment….. What’z yours??!!

November 17, 2006 7:22am CST
most embarrassing moment….. What’z yours??!!
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@apalachee (490)
• Australia
17 Nov 06
me and my ex boyfriend, were on the back steps of this huge building ( like a cathedral) we start kissing etc. he tries to undo my top, then all of a sudden this 50 peice marching band comes out of the back door, they were playing music and everything, then they stopped and stared at us. with my top half undone, My ex trying to cover me.. i just wanted to run and hide.. so embarrassing.
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• Canada
17 Feb 07
I have an embarrassing story. i was at a party and i was in room with a guy, i got mad at him for soemthing and we atarted arguing. i left the room and he folowed me into the living room to keep arguing. we stood in the middle of the room full of people. thing is we were so caught up in the argument we failed to put our clothes on before walking in the room of people so there we stood completely naked.