Driving and talking on a cell phone

United States
November 17, 2006 7:24am CST
As I was driving to work this morning I noticed that everyone was talking on their cell phones and driving. Mind you, the state has banned the use of a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle. So why is it that people continue to do it? My thought on the subject is as follows: 1. People just don't care about the law. 2. Law enforcement does not enforce it. 3. People do not seriously think that it could create a situation that will lead to an accident. These are my top three reasons that I feel people still do it. What happened to the time (BEFORE CELL PHONES) when someone got in their car and drove from work to home or home to work or to anywhere without using a cell phone? Did the whole world fall apart because they were not able to talk to someone in the car? Do people really think that they are sooooo important that they have to have a cell phone stuck to their ear to look cool? Do people think that if they are not talking to someone on the cell phone that life will stop? I am just curious as to why people think that it is so important to put me and my family at risk by driving and talking on the phone. I guess people will find out the hard way when they get into an accident and kill someone, by then though it will be too late to try and stop them from doing it.
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• Romania
17 Nov 06
well i almost had a few accidents because of talking on my cellphonw while driving. i think we should all get handsfree fou our cellphones because you never know what can happen if you are not careful at the road
@harish4u (1393)
• India
17 Nov 06
driving stop and then take cell phon
@taikimkt (160)
• Mexico
17 Nov 06
Also here in my city they banned talking with cellphones while driving but everyone use it anyway. I use a hands free system, it is more secured and let you talk while driving.
17 Nov 06
i dont think it is a good idea to drive whilst on the phone and that includes handsfree as you are concentrating on somethng else.if you need to talk whilst driving,pullover!
@tibido (4080)
• Italy
17 Nov 06
no good
• United States
17 Nov 06
i don't know what i would do without a cell phone and i'm not willing to try. i don't remember how i use to get along without a cellphone. i can't do it now... Thank You for the question, I enjoyed answering it. I wish you get a ton of responses. Be careful there is a ton of RUDE people out there. Good Luck on your best response and have a bright, refreshing, BEAUTIFUL day...