Why do people like Harry Potter?

August 22, 2010 9:36pm CST
I have read all the books, and I find Harry very adventurous and extreme.Which I think I can compare to, so that's probably the reason I like him, and the books.
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@juryse (752)
• Philippines
23 Aug 10
Harry Potter is one of my favorite stories I've read. I like it because it's magical and very interesting. It makes you imagine a world that's different from the 'muggles" =)
• India
31 Aug 10
I love all books of harry potter and also movies.
1 Sep 10
I think that Harry Potter is an adventurous story, but the main appeal is probably the fantasy of magic which it is based upon. It sucks us into this imaginary world that seems real, and add in a few dark moments and Lord Voldermort, it makes it a good read for adults and children (more so adult during the last few books given the deaths that appear) The appeal for me is that it's based in a different world from the regular boring human realm, but still shows some of the wizards amazed by how humans live. It has comedy thrown in there thanks to the twins and their mishaps as well as action. It's one of the best books I have ever read... sadly the films can't really live up to the standard of the books....
• Indonesia
28 Aug 10
i think harry potter's movie is cool. the storyline is perfect and in special effect for sound 3d is excelent.
• Malaysia
27 Aug 10
u are the same as i too i love harry potter because of his story is interesting and adventurous sometime it even make me cant breath and sleep!! its magical and make me dream about it lots of time
• United States
23 Aug 10
I like Harry Potter because it haves a lot of imagination into it. J.K. Rowling did an awesome job on writing these books and I even wonder how can she come up with all this imagination. When I was younger, I even wonder if there was really a Hogwarts where you can learn magic, but too bad everyone is a muggle. It also haves adventures of course which I like. Plus it's nice to see how each character in the book matures and seeing them in what person they become. That's why I like reading Harry Potter.