Is it half full or half empty?

United States
August 23, 2010 11:59pm CST
The question "Is the cup half full, or half empty?" has been around for centuries and psychologists believe your answer determines whether you are an optimist or a pessimist. How would you describe the cup? How does your answer relate to you? Personally I'd say its half full, which would technically make me an optimist but really I just want more to drink. :)
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@dodo19 (39433)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
27 Aug 10
I usually say that it's half full. I much prefer looking at things in a more positive way rather than negative way, which is why I prefer saying that it's half full rather than half empty.
@rappeter13 (5297)
• Romania
24 Aug 10
When the fact happens, I usually say that it is half empty, but after a while I start to see the full part as well. So I think I am more a realistic person than a pessimistic or an optimistic one. When I am under the shock of the thing it is half empty, but when the shock is away, then it is half full and half empty, a balanced cup.
24 Aug 10
To me it would depend on whether the cup was being filled or emptied. If you are emptying the cup then it is half empty but if you are filling it then it is half full. Its all a matter of progression and what you aim to do to the cup.
24 Aug 10
in my opinion, that is the first time i heard that question ^^ as to me, its only both.. a half empty, means it has a half water, and the other is half full, means it has a half water too... am i ryt or am i ryt? hahaha
• India
24 Aug 10
I don't know about the glass of water but people who ask such a question have half empty heads.........No offense to you mate :)