Why do some ppl thing the other is always the bad guy?

August 24, 2010 6:08pm CST
I don't know if this is something I just need to rant about or just get off my chest but I'm just trying to let a few hurt feelings go..... This also may tie into alot of my other discussions and I am so sorry for that.....Now I have recently learned that I'm not the same person and yes I have made mistakes and have had to overcome alot I have also admitted to acting very childish.... This is what is confusing to me.....Back in my discussion about making a mistake and telling a friend something in emails instead of face to face was the first.....But the fight kept esculating from there now I have seen her and have spoke to her face to face and let it out but I was still confused....No matter what I did it was something wrong....If I didn't text or call I was ignoring her only when I was taking time out for me kind of thing and I know I handled alot wrong with everything but a person can only take so much my goodness I've said I'm sorry from day one but that doesn't matter....She let my ex husband live with her yes she said sorry and I forgave her but I needed answers from my ex husband and she went from being a friend helping two friends to complete opposite just like that when he took off and left her house....Now I completly understand how upset she was about how he did and all of that don't get me wrong but I know my ex husband well and I knew once I stopped pushing I would one day get my answers..... I know that I did alot to hurt her but what I needed more then anything was someone willing to be happy and support me in me finding out my answers.....At first she tells me and I have witnesses to this that he will hurt you again mark my words the list goes on now to tell me recently she hopes that I get what I want confusing?? I think so I see her letting him live there as meddling in the aspect I was the one that felt she was sticking her in the middle more well um you opened your door? You chose to move to a bigger place to accomodate him? You chose to make it long term? You chose to tell me things he should have? Is that not meddling? Now we lost a baby in o7 he let it over take him he does however have a pattern of running especially from those he loves when something bad happens I am glad I didn't let it overtake me is why I'm strong today....I don't agree with how he left me by all means and what he put me and the kids through but I understand now and am glad he did....I needed to let the anger go there is no point living in the past just see what the future holds and be careful of my choices I make.....thanks for listening and sorry for the rant...
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