Does Xbox 360 Achievements make you feel good ?

August 24, 2010 6:28pm CST
Does unlocking a Xbox 360 Achievement make you feel good as a gamer ? Personally i think Xbox 360 Achievements are a great boost for a gamer as they have achieved something which is rewarding as it goes onto your gamerscore, but how do you feel about gamers who cheat on their gamerscore or on a game online ?
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• United States
3 Mar 11
I love Achievements. They make me happy. Seriously, I enjoy getting achievements. Some are easy, others are time consuming and frustrating, but it doesn't matter - I still love them. Achievements are making me do something that I normally wouldn't do before their existence - max out my games. I play modes I would've never touched before. I play through several times and collect everything. I get the most value out of every game now. They revolutionized games for me. I'm at 74,000 and counting!
@Luwiego (622)
• Israel
27 Aug 10
Hello chelseafan2k9, comepleting xbox 360 achievements makes me fell good indeed. Its fun, not just play the game but to try collect some achievements, for more fun. After comepleting an achievement you get gamer points, more gamerpoints - better gamer you are. Cheers and happy myLotting !
@vivrenpar (593)
• Canada
25 Aug 10
I love the sound it makes when it pops up. It makes me happy. I don't really care about the score but I like the little images, kind of like a sticker book. Some achievements are too hard to get and there's some multi-player achievements that I'll probably never get. I don't hate cheaters that much but when you can tell they have cheated; there score should be taken down. I like achievements that are fun or unique to get and when they have a funny name.
@elmiko (6630)
• United States
24 Aug 10
no they don't make me feel good. i would rather get some type of special upgrade instead so i could win more in the game.
@hellcowboy (7374)
• United States
25 Aug 10
I am one big gamer and I will always be a gamer even when I am old,and me and my wife have a 360 along with a Wii and a PS2 and an N64 and I play the 360 more while she plays the Wii more,and our 360 is awesome because it is a Halo 3 limited edition 360,and I love the achievements because they make the games more fun then just beating them,and I try to get every achievement on a game before I consider a game officially beat.
25 Aug 10
yes but my xbox overheats in this hot weather so i can get some time with my ps3 and wii lol, also i managed to find a cheap arcade stick for my ps3 so yay for me. Sorry if i sound retarded