Is male and female equal in all aspects?

August 25, 2010 3:42am CST
Hello my lotters, Well i have this question for you since i wish to get your views as i am sure i will get different response and im eager to read them. Have a nice day..
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@johnpillai (2082)
• Germany
25 Aug 10
Physically men are a bit stronger than women. And intelligence wise both are same. in family life women seem to be tallented in solvilg problems, coping with children and dealing with friends and neighbours. in Asian countries a unhealthy attitude twords men and women is going on. These problem can be not easily solved. because Asian men are brought up in that manner by their mothers. the young genaration asian mothers must take of this problem.
• Thailand
25 Aug 10
my answer is NOT Prica! There are some aspect that man work well and suitable than women and otherwise, there are some aspect that women can do it better than man. The equal is also belong to the culture. In Asia, Man are rated better than women, the EQUAl is good at EURO, USA,... Some reponse! have a good day PriscaJoanne!
• Philippines
25 Aug 10
hello priscajoanne! male and female were created equal. Physically so, as far as the eyes can see. However, they have vast differences between them that should not be disregarded. For one, the female brain is larger than the male. i don't know why this is it so but i guess this has something to do with the female having a longer pain threshold than males. Female reproductive organs are very much different than the males as we all very well know and bearing a child for 9 months cannot be equated with just the support a male can give during the birth of a child. Males have a different way of reacting to things, to emotions from the female. this has something to do with the physiology of the males. in all honesty, in today's world, can we really say that males and females are equal in all respects? i think not. Males can go bare chested amidst people yet if a woman is to do this, all would be well, shock, to say the least. A male is expected to lead his family, if his wife will do so, he would be taken as a weakling. Even in the work area of our life, rarely would you see a woman carpenter, woman mason, woman electrician, because they say such jobs are for the men only. there are really so many instances out there where we can truly say that male and female are not equal in all aspects.