Arre women better parents than men?

August 25, 2010 4:08am CST
To some extent women have proved themselves far more better parent than men coz of their inconditional devotion and dedication towards their children and family, they possess equanimity, patience , they even bless their children with immense love and care
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@jayen28 (84)
31 Aug 10
For me being parent is a gift coming from God and no one could judge how are better we are being a good and responsible parent to our children. for me know one could say who or whom better parent because we have a different task to attend to our family. Yes, It's always a mother be there for us and be ready to our needs because this is her main responsibility to take care of her family and the father will be our needs provider but if the absence of the women it's always a men to attend or a vise versa.
@dodo19 (47038)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
25 Aug 10
I don't think that this is necessarily true. I think that men can be just as good parents as women. I don't think that gender affects how good a parent you can be.
@Angelwriter (1954)
• United States
25 Aug 10
I can't make any sweeping claims of which gender is better. In American society (which is the only one I have any direct knowledge of) traditionally it's more common for the day to day child rearing to come to the women, while the providing comes to the men. So it may seem women get more practice at parenting. But, even that isn't completely true with all couples. And, I don't think for a second that an entire gender would be deficient in the ability to love their children unconditionally or have patience with their kids. I believe that there are men -lots of them- with patience and caring and understanding and the most unselfish, devoted, unconditional love for their children. Just as women are. I'm sure there have been children who were raised solely by their fathers and would say they had the best father ever. Being a parent is a human issue, not a gender one. And any differences in ability by gender I chalk up more to society's views of the roles of men and women, rather than something innate inside of you, because of what gender you were born.
@johnpillai (2082)
• Germany
25 Aug 10
I am a better parent than my husband. This does not mean that my husband is not a good father. he loves our children verymuch. but some times he dosen#t know how to cope with them. When I was a small child. my father was a better parent. my mother was good. My father was too good. Now I copy the style of my father.