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August 25, 2010 8:56am CST
I'm trying to give as much detail to what is upsetting me as I possibly can.... Everyone makes mistakes....Also it's not about who hurt the other more or who was lower then the other person.....I have so made mistakes that I'm not proud of and if I could change back the clock and re think my actions I so would....I feel terrible about what I did but there is nothing I can do to change it.....I like alot of us have had to overcome alot in my life and I believe it has made me a stronger person today.... I have had to let go of some friends and give other friends a try......I've tried to explain how I was feeling with the one let go but somehow my words weren't coming out or I felt that I was defending my feelings....I made a huge mistake and said alot of things to her and her husband that were completly childish and uncalled for....But I also let my upset get the better of me I knew better then to fly off....It's a lesson well learned I'm just tired of being left as the only one who did wrong and I've said I'm sorry from day one.....I know now what happened to my ex husband and why he was the way he was I don't agree with it but have a way better understanding...
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@Hatley (164154)
• Garden Grove, California
27 Aug 10
hi blueangel I think most all of us have been in that situation at least once and it makes you feel so miserable. we lose our tempers and we let loose with words that later we wished we had not said. It is part of being human I think and we all goof up at times. So having said that, I do feel for you but i think you should not beat yourself up endlessly over it as you just reacted like a human who has been hurt and is angry. and you are right you are not the only one who did wrong. give your self a hug and promise yourself you will engage brain before responding so you will not say things you feel are uncalled for. good luck and God bless. hugs from Hatley.
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• Canada
28 Aug 10
Thanks for that hun hugzzzzzzzzz love ya.....