Pokemon: Back and White Version

August 27, 2010 11:40am CST
The new Pokemon will be released in 2011 approximately, but until then what are your views on the new game? Are you pleased that more pokemon are coming out? Are you happy that this is continuing for other kids to experience these awesome childhoos games we played? Or do you think that this is getting old and that Pokemon needs to stop bringing out newer species of pokemon? For one I am happy it's continuing - I love Pokemon, I always have, but I have noticed I have a preference to Gen 1-2-3 pokemon but the older ones don't really appeal to me anymore. I have a distinct dislike for the new pokemon in Black and White vers, and the starter pokemon aren't that cute . (I like the fire one actually) What are your thoughts on this?
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• United States
27 Aug 10
I like the new pokmeon that has been revealed so far. If there are no cross generation pokemon I would still like it. I do prefer new evolutions over pre-evolutions any day. I do hope there would be an alternate evolution for porygon2 called porygon3 in the next generation or any generation after that.
27 Aug 10
I'm hoping that they have a new Eeveelution in this one - a lot of people anticipate the Dragon Eevee and a normal type eeveelution as well which I want too :3 They have a PorygonZ
• United States
20 Sep 10
I know there is porygon-z but porygon-z is a glitched porygon2. I am hoping for an alternate evolution for porygon2 that evolves into a pokemon called porygon3 with better stats. Black and White came out in Japan and there are no cross generation pokemon in that game. Maybe the next generation or the any generation after would come out. If not then I will make my own series that includes a porygon3.
• Portugal
23 Jan 11
4-03-2011 european release 6-03-2011 us release. I like more Reshiram, the legendary from Black Version. It is more cute than other Pokémon but Lugia is always my favourite
@alphenor (686)
• Philippines
29 Oct 10
You'll like the game even if the pokemon aren't that cute anymore, especially that it's 3d graphics are cool!! It's like a big leap for pokemon games. I saw my older brother playing the translated version of Pokemon Black (Japan release), and there are really a lot of changes in the game modes - 3v3 battles, battles inside towns and buildings... I will play Pokemon White when I'm done patching it. Oh, I forgot to mention that we're using a DS emulator and playing it on the laptop, but you can also play it on actual DS, I just don't know how.
@jadking (69)
• Philippines
8 Oct 10
I really think that the Pokémon series has stood out among games of its kind. However, if the Pokémon series does not take things to the next level, its fanbase will eventually die out. Although it is good that it is maintaining the nostalgia of the typical Pokémon gameplay, while at the same time adding new elements, I think it is time that Pokémon did something darker and more realistic, with a deeper plot, like other animé. I'd really love to see a Pokémon generation in which the whole gym idea was obsolete, and Pokémon are used for a deeper, more meaningful purpose in the world. Probably a generation where the plot focuses more on a sinister force, something much more evil than just Team Rocket or Team Galactic. Probably it would be cool if they made an interplanet dimension, where some great deity called an Antipokémon seeks to bring the Pokémon universe to an end, and the main character, an antihero whose whole life was ruined by the evil that the Antipokémon brought out, seeks revenge, and captures and trains Pokémon in order to ultimately destroy the Antipokémon and restore the order of the Pokémon world, and only then will the player be able to battle gym leaders once more. As for the starters, I really think they're ugly... Especially the water possum thing... It looks like a Joker-Piplup hybrid.
@DertyJ (192)
• United States
21 Jan 11
I am pretty excited for the U.S. release of Black and White and the pokemon look pretty cool. The only thing is I was looking at the names and they all seem very different than most other pokemon names from the other generations. The part I am most excited about is being able to battle random people over wi-fi. So now I won't have to keep battling my same friend on Platinum haha