Is Your Enemy's Enemy Your Friend?

August 29, 2010 2:17am CST
what do you think???
5 responses
• Romania
29 Aug 10
Technicaly this is correct but i think that friend is not friend indeed.
• China
29 Aug 10
You may be right.The answer to this question depends on how you define friend.They can be friend just because they can get profits.However,they will not be true friend in daily life.
@aevans (255)
• Malaysia
15 Sep 10
it may be yes, if both of us share the common objective to bring our enemy down
@qianyun6 (2067)
• China
29 Aug 10
It's somehow reasonable, my friend! But the "friend" is not a friend indeed, it's a friend in use. That means, your enemy's enemies are your potential cooperators. If you can utilize them well, you'll save your own strength in the process you fight with your enemy.
@sjlskl (3382)
• Singapore
29 Aug 10
Anyone who is not my direct enemy is my friend. So regardless if the person is the enemy of my enemy, he is my friend.
@akn1961 (1034)
• India
29 Aug 10
temperory it could be benificial ,it enemy is who is good or bad ,if he is bad person may give advantage in short term ,bad or negative person will always be burden ,we should not trust and support them,it is not necessary enemy's enemy will be my friend.