How to stop reccurring nightmares?

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August 31, 2010 2:52am CST
Since some days now i wake up in them middle of the night because of nightmares, well i cant really remember what it was but i am totally sure it was something that scared me to make me wake up suddenly. Do you also encounter this problem? how are you living it?
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@greygoo (795)
• Philippines
31 Aug 10
i've studied a little about dreams in my psychology subject. you see, dreaming is like thinking while sleeping. dreams are based on memories, current concerns, or on fantasies. but scientists still no little about why people dream what they do. Freud suggested that people express repressed impulses symbolically in dreams. according to wikipedia, sleeping in an uncomfortable position, having a fever, eating before sleeping (which increases metabolism and brain activity), and stress and anxiety can cause nightmares. there's a way to remember dreams/nightmares. just make an effort to remember the dream upon waking up. you will remember some of the contents in your dream at a later time; though it's nightmare in your case, and i don't know if you want to remember any of it. but knowing what the dream contains might help you prevent it from recurring again and again. i suggest you inspect the content of that nightmare and see if it has anything to do with your current issues and concerns.
• Mauritius
1 Sep 10
Hi greygoo Thanks for your advice, ill will try that next time that i have this problem, well i hope wont have nightmare anymore thg , coz its a bit stressing ..
@bird123 (10632)
• United States
5 Sep 10
Sleep in a cold room. Don't have too many covers. Sleeping hot will cause nightmares. If you do wake up from a nightmare, turn over on your other side. If you go back to sleep on the same side, the nightmare will just return.
@paula27661 (15811)
• Australia
1 Sep 10
It doesn’t sound like a nice way to wake up! I don’t have scary nightmares as such but I do have recurring dreams about the same thing. It is something from my past that my dream focuses on. It is a sad event which in reality happened around eighteen years ago and although in my waking life I have well and truly moved on, it still haunts me in my dreams and I suspect this is because I haven’t dealt with the hurt from years ago. If you could remember your dream it would be helpful towards finding the cause for it. Have you tried writing down your memories as soon as you wake up?
@vjagra (147)
• India
2 Sep 10
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@ddaguno (3107)
• Philippines
31 Aug 10
Some say that most of the time, you dream of the thought that you had before you fell asleep. Maybe you should make sure that you think of happy thoughts before you go to sleep. Just ask your hubby to give you a tight hug the next time you get another bad dream
@musedsmh (254)
• Indonesia
31 Aug 10
maybe you just tired, you just need to be relax and be positive thinking, try to eat more vegetables,