No-show to a job interview

@caliya (1173)
August 31, 2010 10:07pm CST
Have you been a no-show to a job interview? Sadly I have been a couple of times. I know it's not a good thing but there are just times that at the last minute I don't feel like going. How about you?
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• Canada
7 Sep 10
Maybe you dont really like the opportunity. It happened to me once but not really a no-show. I let the interviewer know that i am not coming 2 hours before the interview. At least, for modesty sake they were kind enough to consider me so why not give back the courtesy. And as the saying goes "never burn bridges". You never know in the future you encounter them again.
• Philippines
5 Sep 10
I have experienced the feeling of not going at the last minute. However, just out of professionalism, I called them up and made an excuse. If they rescheduled the interview then I guess they really wanted me. So I went the second time around..haha.
@thanks1961 (7036)
• India
1 Sep 10
Hi dear, I have been for 2-4 interview only attended but were in time, in fact ½ hrs early to the scheduled time. Always prefer to be in time or be at the time mentioned in the interview time for which we are called for. Once only I was late for and that totally changed my education and carrier life. When I completed my 12th schooling, for a college admission for the degree course admission. I was asked to attend for the interview at 2:00 pm and I reached 2:30. It was a time of heavy monsoon and had to travel about 60 kms by bus. On the way the road got blocked with water and I had to divert the road with an another bus. The reasons didn’t honored and I was rejected for the admission. Lately I didn’t got a call from the said college and I have to opted for a different subject available and my path changed to a different direction altogether. So, may be for a job or any kind of interview, always advised to be in time and it shows our discipline and integrity. Regards, Thank-s
@puccagirl (7304)
• Israel
1 Sep 10
Only once, but still. I still feel kind of bad about it, so I don't think I will do it again.
@queery (83)
• Jamaica
1 Sep 10
It seems to me you are suffering from some serious case of cold feet! It happens to all of us. Everybody gets the gitters before an interview, even entertainers get nervous before a performance! If your are nervous about an interview try to motivate yourself before. Ask yourself why do you need the job? Convince yourself that you deserve this job, you are the best person for the job, never think about the competition never doubt yourself! If you know that you are not going to make it call the prospective employer and let them know that you will not be making it. But you shouldnt quit before giving it a try, you might just surprise yourself.
• United States
1 Sep 10
I don't think I've ever been a no-show. Though I've had an interview or two wich makes me wish I would of been a no-show like my interview at a dollar store when I was a teenager... OMG it was like 2hrs long for minimum wage! WTH!?!?
@fherfher (259)
• Philippines
1 Sep 10
Yes, i did. Just like you, i feel like not going to the interview. Sometimes when a company called me for an interview and they gave me the place where to go to. And when i found out that it is far or the place is not my type to work in. Then i just don't show up. Its wrong, but sometimes i cant help it, to choose a work that i think i can work comfortable.
@Adelida2233 (1005)
• United States
1 Sep 10
No, I've never missed and interview or even been late to one. Not showing up basically puts you on a black-list with the company so if you ever want a job there in the future, it's pretty much not going to happen.
@SomeCowgirl (32218)
• United States
1 Sep 10
I can understand not feeling like going to a job interview, especially if it's not really a job you want. However, I would still go even if I didn't want to at first as you could get the job, do well in the company and become a manager, harder work but more rewards I would think. Then again I am not management material either.