When did you cry last time

September 1, 2010 12:41am CST
I don't actully remember the day when I cried for the last time, Is it so, that when we grow older, our inner heart becomes rigid and strong. Or is it that we learn to take things lightly. It's not that there weren't situations in my life which would make me cry, there were, 3 months ago my most dearest uncle died in an road accident, this month I could not make my exams. Failing in an exam wasn't that saddest thing , but my uncles death was. But I still wonder why I didn't cry on my most dearest uncles death, why there wasn't a single drop of tear fell from my eyes. The fact is that today I don't remember, when I cried for the last time.
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@indahfth (11169)
• Indonesia
1 Sep 10
I cry almost every day. Every prayer, I always cry regret any errors.
• Indonesia
1 Sep 10
so im i indahfth...
@ellechoi (282)
• Hong Kong
1 Sep 10
uh ...yesterday . because i watch Titanic on DVD . It's so sad . But i still like to watch it
@sjhaeki (797)
• Philippines
1 Sep 10
the last time i cried was i think of a drama or movie. i don't actually cry in real life sad events. i don't know why but i cry often because of dramas, movies and had also cried because of anime but never in real life that's why i've been said to have a cold heart, since they don't even believe i cry for those reasons i just said. it's not like i don't have feelings during those times, i feel a sad and hurt but i guess my brain just instantly works and tell me tears are no use when it can't bring the thing back or cannot bring back the life taken - that's just how i see it anyway. although i end up crying when i laugh too much, and my friends know that, i'd look pitiful they say, and they'd joke about it. XD
@carpediem17 (1317)
• Singapore
1 Sep 10
I think the last time I teared was when my country's national anthem was being played during its national day. It was beautifully done.
• India
1 Sep 10
The last time i cried was when my mom had scolded me because usually she never scolds me. She doesn't talk to me but that's bad enough for me already. I cried so hard that day for at least a couple of hours in the bathroom all alone by myself but i made up the next day by helping my mom in some chores and jobs the next day itself. Cheers!