Is there life after death?

September 1, 2010 4:50am CST
What happens when we die? Do we go to heaven or hell? Are we ghosts? Are we reincarnated?Any ideas? What about the sourl? Where does it goes after death? Heaven ? Hell?
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@paula27661 (15811)
• Australia
2 Sep 10
I have written a couple of articles in regards to this subject which you can read via my blog on my profile page. I won’t post the links in case it is against the rules. I did a lot of research on this subject when I was writing the articles while trying to keep an open although somewhat sceptical mind. I have the tendency to believe that we will not just disappear when our lives end because; to me the soul or the essence which makes us who we are cannot ever die. I like the idea of reincarnation because it is the only explanation as to why bad things sometimes happen to good or innocent people such as children being born with sicknesses or in unfortunate circumstances. The Buddhists believe it is related to Karma from previous lives lived. It makes senses to me. I am not a Buddhist and I don’t intend to become one at this time but a lot of their philosophies make a great deal of good sense to me.
1 Sep 10
this question has been asked many times and therefore do not expect a lot of responses. the answer is unknown believe in what u must.