How to run internet cafe?

@kiran9 (255)
September 2, 2010 1:51am CST
Hi my lot friends I want to start a internet cafe center but I don't have any idea about software and LAN. outset what should i have to know? can u give me any idea about internet cafe. What are the main objects to run internet cafe. which software are useful for internet cafe. How to solve trouble shoot when I got problem.
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• India
25 Sep 10
i had my own cafe till before 3 months. i use to have lan. and have deep freeze in all my system in all my pc. normally u dont need any other antivirus if u have deep freeze but still i use to keep avast free edition in all pc. u dont need to know anything special to run internet cafe. but think 100 times before u start cause income is really control as u have 10 pc then u have 10 pcs. growth is limited.
@juneramir (334)
• Philippines
2 Sep 10
When deciding how to start an internet café, you have several business approaches to choose from: -You can open a standard cyber café where net surfing is the only service offered. - Another option is to have the usual net surfing and also serve beverages like tea, coffee or soft drinks and perhaps even sandwiches and bakery items. - Yet another alternative is to offer internet facilities along with courses on information technology for young children, the elderly and anyone requiring them. - Some cyber cafés also offer services that include computer repairs and maintenance, sale of computer accessories and broad band connections. - You can also opt to open a franchise of an existing cyber café. Forward Thinking A cyber café business depends a lot on the innovations in technology taking place. So, you have to keep upgrading your services from time to time. Moreover, you have to be flexible and open to diversifying to stay ahead of the competition and to survive in different circumstances. For example, if your business shows signs of slacking you can add gaming and social interaction to your current business module. Have a nice day!
• India
2 Sep 10
First of all, you have to get a license from the Government of India to run a cyber cafe. This is the utmost prioritized task. You cant open a cyber cafe without a license. Next thing is getting an Internet connection legally from the ISP to run a Cafe.You have to mention to ISP that this connection will be used commercially to run a cyber cafe else you can get yourself in big trouble if your ISP came to know that you are using the private connection for commercial purpose. After that, make arrangement for the computers according to space available.People don't like going to a cafe which is not well organized and is more congested. So make sure that its well organized, have enough space between 2 PC's to accommodate atleast 2 people infront of single PC. Also, you have to invest in furniture.So, do count that in budget too. Next thing to purchase is a router. Now the purchasing of router will depend on the no. of computer. Usually routers with 4 LAN port are cheaper.So, if you are planning to have 4 computer, then 1 router will be sufficient. Else increase the no. accordingly.
@thesids (22180)
• Bhubaneswar, India
2 Sep 10
Hi Kiran, From the experience that I have got, initially you need to invest in the computers and the networking. The operating system in Cyber cafes is mostly Windows so get a copy of that one too. As for other softwares, I think you would need some proxy server that can be obtained from the vendor. Then ask the people who would come to install the computers at your cafe, to get the lan done. It is always a thing that needs to be done once in many years. Have an anti virus a good one. Please go for licensed version of the Antivirus at least. This would save you hours of frustration later. As for the worries, dont panic at anything. Learn how to format a computer and install the OS and connect to the Network. Trust me, these are easy affairs once you start doing them. Initially though you might fear of damaging the computer but dont worry, you wont damage them this way. You would learn many secrets as you go on with the cyber cafe, Good Luck