Do You Think Internet Is Now Taking The Market Of Moblie Company Too?

September 2, 2010 12:19pm CST
Now we are the in the generation of 21st century and living in an advanced era, everything is changing and developing, there is competition everywhere. And simultaneously industrial development is also going on and every company is facing a new competition at every time. Now use of internet service also increasing,not only the developed countries but also people of the under development countries are now using this service respectively. Now people can also talk directly with his closed one or partners by using the voice chatting facility and even can see each other through web cam and it is now being low cost than using phones and mobiles also in case of if the person is residing lout of country. now cyber cafe is also raising here and there so it is being easy for people to interact with the others easily by paying a little amount for a certain time and it seems that it cost low than using mobiles. And internet is also being part of earning source, so it can be more easier for people to earn money by not going outside from home which mobiles and land line phones are not able to do. So my question is that do you think that Internet service is replacing the market of mobile and land line companies?
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• India
5 Sep 10
yes now days you can not live without interent if we consider urban areas.i think its really necessary for any mobile company now days to provide an internet facility in their devices..!!
@BigTips (304)
• China
4 Sep 10
Yes, with the popularity around the world, it is obvious that the Internet is taking the market of obile company today. Mobile phone is a tool to help people keep in touch with others. However, another more effective communicatation way appears- It is the Internet. You see, people can communicate with each other with IM tools, social networking sites, or micro blog, which is more easy to use. Compared with the Internet, mobile phone can't provide us an effective way to communicate.