Doing extra work: Tutorials

September 2, 2010 6:39pm CST
On my free time, to earn extra money, I do tutorials for French or Spanish. I'm affiliated with language schools and they get me on a "need" basis. Basically I only get tutorials when someone needs it. The pay is not that high and I think doing freelance on my own will enable me to get me a higher pay. However if it is in an agency, there is a more regular customer base. So what is your opinion on being affiliated with a school and doing things on your own?
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• Israel
3 Sep 10
This sounds like nice work :) I hope you are enjoying yourself. Being a freelancer or work for a company are two different things with pros and cons to both. You mentioned the major difference in your post here: more money as a freelancer, "stability" when working for a company. Once you have experience, and know the niche you are working in, you can start build something of your own. Why not create a tutorial blog of your own while keep working at the company? Then it will grow, and when it gets big enough, people will notice you and might recruit you to make their tutorials...
• Philippines
3 Sep 10
Ummmmmmn... Well I think it's much better if you are affiliated with a company. You are rest assured that you will get regular students and stable income. It's true that you won't earn a lot if your working for a company so while you are earning money try to save it and start your own business. Probably a feasible business wherein you are sure that you won't be bankrupt. Good luck friend and happy earning!!
• China
3 Sep 10
In my opinion, being affiliated with a school is better than doing tutorals on your you said,doing it alone is not stable .sometimes you can earn little higher money than in the school.but earning extra money is not buying lottory.we can not expect hit the jackpot every time .