PT.2 which would you choose for snack or breakfast?

United States
November 17, 2006 10:03am CST
Tip: Cake doughnuts are more dense--and fatty--than yeast doughnuts. If the menu doesn't say you're getting a cake doughnut, assume it's made with yeast. 3. Which is closest to the breakfast you typically order? (Subtract 1 point if you add ham, 2 points if you add bacon or hash browns, and 3 points if you add sausage to your meal. Add 2 points if you order egg whites, egg substitute, or whole-grain cereal or toast, or if you ask for no margarine on your pancakes or French toast.) a) hot or cold cereal +3 b) eggs and toast -1 c) pancakes or French toast -3 d) Belgian waffle -5 e) ham-and-cheese omelette -5 Tip: A serving of pancakes, French toast, or waffles has about 900 calories--including 250 from the quarter-cup of syrup and 100 from the margarine or butter. 4. Which beverage are you most likely to order at Starbucks? (Add 3 points if you get it with skim milk. Add 1 point if you order a tall cappuccino, caffe latte, or caffe mocha instead of a grande or venti size.) a) coffee, regular 0 b) coffee frappuccino -1 c) cappuccino -2 d) caffe latte -3 e) caffe mocha -4
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