What's your life's motto

September 3, 2010 2:47am CST
What words do you live by? What happened to create this motto to your life? Did anyone event or person influence you?
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• Philippines
3 Sep 10
beautiful lives dont just happen it is made every single day with much love prayer and sacrifice. this is a so true motto or quote for all of us. this is a text quote that inspired me during the review then i passed the exam.
• Mauritius
3 Sep 10
Ye thats very true ladymaegallardo...
@jayen28 (84)
12 Sep 10
My motto in life is, Try and try until you succeed! This is base on my experienced in life I always trying all thing I want to achieved and sometimes I never given up even though other people say that I need to stop but still I'm pursued it until I see what I want to prove.
@thesids (22180)
• Bhubaneswar, India
3 Sep 10
Hi Prisca When in college our group(friends) used to visit the slums and do some charity. Once I got into job, there was no time left for all this. I was always so very occupied. Then this illness happened, and I found myself restricted to the boundaries of my house. I have again started visiting an orphanage nearby and have found the motto of my life - bring smiles to the kids there. I try to move out to them every Sunday or festive days, and spend some hours with them. I think this is what I should be doing now and of course, search for some work on the internet.
• Philippines
3 Sep 10
"Life is what we make it." This is just a simple line yet too much to handle. I believe what goes beyond our existence is what our ancestors have done in their lives and that what makes us now. Life is a cyclical struggle, evolving from days after days. What we 've done to it in order to survive is what we will be and what will be the next genre has to get.