student streee issues

@willy6 (492)
September 3, 2010 8:13pm CST
Parent and sometimes teacher failed to recognized that there are many stress issues that is facing student a lot of school set up program how to recognize the issue and better able to manage it A lot of time student are faced with financial difficulties work pressure at school and home and because of that they are not able to function and sometime if they failed to achieve we call them dunce or lazy not knowing that there is a problem that is hampering their performance but let us tried to recognize if there is a problem in our child or any other student we are associate with and tried to get help for them
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• India
5 Sep 10
and making the toilet walls nasty with vulgar words.....
• United States
4 Sep 10
I totally agree. When I was in teaching I always wanted to do my thesis on "And you want me to teach them math." I wanted to address the social issues that sometimes get ignored just trying to "do a job"...I had students who had all kinds of situations going on at home. How could they get their mind on my math class with all that going on?