Do you like to go shopping at the weekends? what goods do you like to buy?

September 3, 2010 8:35pm CST
I often like to go shopping at the weekend. I like to buy biscuit, chocolate, milk,fruit, rice, wine, vegetables, fruits etc. Even I like to buy clothes, T-shirt, pants etc.Mylotters, how about you? Do you like to go shopping every weekend? What goods do you like to buy best?
5 responses
@med889 (5954)
6 Sep 10
I would love to go shopping every week end but unfortunately I do not have the chance to do it as I stay very busy the whole week end and rarely would I be free then I would prefer to relax at home that going somewhere else.
• Philippines
4 Sep 10
gosh it is really a trend to be more a consumer on food products that the other things hehehhe i totally agree with you on that shopping for food is the best wat to spent weekends....=P
@shawen (24)
• China
4 Sep 10
i do not like shopping at the weekend ,because at that time ,there are too much people,the traffic may be very terrible.i like shopping on the monday,so,i seldom go shopping. when i go shopping i really like to buy food and clothes.
• United States
4 Sep 10
I'm up for shopping just about any day of the week. I do enjoy shopping, but it can tire me out easily to the point where I just want to come home and lay around for a bit. Grocery shopping tends to get done as needed. There are times trips to the grocery store may only be on weekends, weekdays, or a little bit of both. It depends if we have any events coming up or how well we are stocked. As for clothes shopping and anything that ISN'T grocery shopping, chances are for shopping on the weekends. I like to have a lot of free time when I do any other type of shopping, unless I have to pick up something quick. My favorite things to buy are clothes, no doubt! I'm trying to be better and not buy anything else until Christmas...let's see how well that goes!
@shia88 (4578)
• Malaysia
4 Sep 10
Hi, Normally I will do my grocery shopping on weekdays,seldom go on weekends. That is to avoid the crowd and I feel more easy to shop on weekdays where most people are working and the cashier is not on long queue. I done my grocery shopping twice a week,most of the time is buy vegetables, meat(chicken),fish and fruits. I seldom shop for clothes,unless there is a special offer and I love the design ,then only I will buy.