will crying makes you weak as a person?

@joddie (173)
September 4, 2010 10:07am CST
I have been told that crying-out will lighten your feelings though the reason why you cry is still there,but it will unload some of the heaviness in your heart. However,after crying i have this feeling, especially if some people know that i cried, that maybe they will think of me as a weakling, that why i really suppress the feeling of crying. Was crying will make me weak in the eyes of others?
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@puccagirl (7308)
• Israel
4 Sep 10
No of course not. we all need to cry from time to time, it is completely normal and not something to be ashamed of in any way.
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@meemingNEW (2228)
• Philippines
4 Sep 10
I honestly think crying makes a person stronger rather than a weakling. It may look gay or a weakling for others but when you cry, you unload that heaviness in your heart. and after you do, you'll feel a whole lot better. It makes someone stronger because after crying, it motivates one not to be in that position again. Its what I think and believe in really. Also, crying just goes to show how NORMAL you are. We should put it in our minds that the first thing we did after getting out of our mother's womb was CRYING.
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