Aim in life?

September 5, 2010 4:34am CST
ever wondered what is your aim in life?we study,play,enjoy and do many things but what is our aim?what is the purpose of our aim?i think everyone of us should have an aim in life and try to achieve it.that way we can find new meaning of life.think of it be a successful person you need to first have an aim and then the determination to achieve it.otherwise life can be useless and demeaning.god bless!
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@chiumee (850)
• Philippines
7 Sep 10
i want to define success as my aim being having a stable work and safe cash and a sustained business.doesn't have to be a booming business. i just need something that provides me of my needs from time to time.
@kun2349 (23381)
• Singapore
7 Sep 10
Everybody has got different aims in life. There are so much of things we can be doing, and be reaching for bigger/higher goals. AIms in life can be on a daily basis, or a short term to long term. Alot depends on how we plan out our life to be. Of course, aims is our motivation in life, allowing us to have a meaning to live in this world. IF there's no aim or goal in life, what's the point in living right?? We work for a living, we study for a living, and that's all for the future. As long as we believe in the future, everyday is a aim in life.. haha
@SHAMRACK (8576)
• India
6 Sep 10
Dear friend, I do had lots of aims from my childhood onwards, later one by one began to vanish, as I knew it would be bit difficult or impossible. Later my aim began to become smaller and smaller. Now my aim is to just to get a promotion.
• Philippines
5 Sep 10
I've always believed that we are all born for greatness. We only have to find it in ourselves to achieve it. We do justice to the gifts that our Creator has given us by fulfilling our full potential. The key is to find your passion. Your aim or your goal will be born out of that. Passion fuels us to achieve great things.
@dccell (337)
• Indonesia
5 Sep 10
agree, plenty of success history came out from people who did aiming their life far from the beginning, deciding ( aiming ) what our life is going to be is quite easy but to implementing the rules that we`ve made for those aims is really hard, that`s why some expert saying totally step only on the path you desired and claim your succes at the end... happy lotting