What we learn from life?

September 6, 2010 12:26am CST
Not everyone are mature when they steped in the school, soceity,community. We will get mature from our life. When we experienced much things, difficulties, we will get be stronger. My question is that what we learn from our life? Learn how to be kind, helpful,passionate of our life, or learn how to mix with our colleagues, friends, even familes. What do you learn from your life?
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@indahfth (11161)
• Indonesia
15 Dec 10
A lot of what I learned in my life. And I still have to keep learning. Learning does not have to like school children. There are many lessons that I can get, from everyday occurrences. Learning from experience.
• China
28 Dec 10
yeah, you are right, I learned more from the experienced life, how to communicate and get a good relationship with mother in law, how to deal with the relaionship with my sister in law, and how to support a family, which is most important in our lives, learning is a longer lesson.
• Philippines
7 Oct 11
i learned a lot of things from my life. i learned that we can't have everything that we want in our lives. I learned to be patient and trust God in everything. I also learned that letting go is really hard, but once you've learned to let go of something then you'll learn the purpose of everything that you've experienced. Just let go, and you'll learn. God gives us problems that he knows we can handle. that God is bigger than our problems, we just need to have faith in Him. Nothing happens by chance, everything happens for a reason.
@ankster (273)
• India
6 Sep 10
We learn so many things from life.Life teaches us to be patient in the situations when we have no control over them.Life teaches us to be tolerant even when we do not like few things.Life teaches us to live every moment joyfully and to live and let live.This is what I feel life teaches.A person should enjoy every bit of it and life is the greatest gift of God to us so not to waste it in futile exercises.love life and live life
@blesila (92)
24 Oct 10
hello betty. i learned plenty of things in my life. as a health care provider, i learned how to value life. we should be responsible in our health. we must be aware of our food intake as well as our lifestyle because that's the least thing we can do to preserve life. because as of the moment, as technology arises, diseases also arises. it's really hard and impossible to take back if our lives will be lost. another learning from life is being patient enough to wait. i mean, we should not rush things. have patience. GOD has planned it well for us. another learning in life is being understanding. we should understand why things happen in that way. remember: everything happens for a reason. GOD has a purpose. being true to yourself is another learning. it's hard to keep on pretending. and being a pretender is like fooling one's self. as for the moment, only these things i can share. but i've got more, it's just that my ideas were stuck. :)