How to clean the RAM?

@kiran9 (255)
September 6, 2010 10:28pm CST
Hi my lot friends, Most of time I use many application in system while RAM is used more memory, How to reduce the memory and how to clean the memory? what is the best software for memory cleaner?
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• India
7 Sep 10
Hi Kiran, See to be very brief,there is no point that you can clean RAM because you don't ever have the permission to clean.This is done only and only by Operating Systems.Your machine starts booting from non-erasable memory called ROM embedded in your Motherboard.The program written in ROM is assembly level program.This program calls the initial programs of your OS from secondary storage called Hard disk to be loaded into primary memory called RAM.So inside RAM all prorams necessary to run Operating System must stay to keep your OS ALIVE,means running.You open notepad or paint and that application program again is loaded on to RAM.Now,OS has many in-built processes that run in the background and many of them may be useless to you.So you can turn them off manually from program manager console. The memory cleaner sofware turns these above mentioned otherwise unnecessary processes off autometically so that they don't keep running on to RAM,but it don't stop the basic processes required to run operating system.These memory cleaner software also releases the burden of the knowledge of processes to turn off without hampering the free run of operating systems.The more unnecessary processes the memory cleaner software is able to detect,the more better the software is.But the memory cleaner software doesn't have a super control that the processes once being turned off by the software,can't be opened by the OS when required. In that respect I personally think that the memory cleaner software won't make your machine to run faster due to its hardware limitation.Hence,it would be better for you to buy a proportionate amount of RAM,that suits your need like playing games,or running high memory usage softwares. Thanks you Happy MyLotting!!
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• Hong Kong
1 Oct 10
Download Gamebooster. It's a program designed to maximise computer performance for gaming, but it works fine for anything. It frees up RAM too. I also use Tune Up Utilities, which comes with a RAM clearer thing. But keep in mind, while you're clearing RAM, you can be assigning memory usage to the page file, which can drastically reduce the performance.
@dark_joev (3034)
• United States
7 Sep 10
RAM should clear on its own as your CPU is using it to keep things that it needs to call as close to the CPU as it can the freemem call could cause the CPU to have to recall commands and spend even more time loading the program or completing the task required as it will have to get the process from the Harddrive it could also cause crashes of programs if you clear vital information from RAM when a program needs it you will get the weird 0x0000ff type errors. RAM is cleared on its own and clearing RAM by force can cause even more lag so the best option to fix this is not to clear RAM by forcing RAM to clear but to increase the amount of RAM memory that is available. Also the other problem with the freemem call is that it could move the processes off the motherboard and onto the hard drive in what they call on Ubuntu Cache it will slow your computer down as it takes longer for the CPU to get things from anything off the Motherboard as everything is attached through slower cable and can't be changed out as fast as RAM can. So get some more RAM and that should solve the problems you are having. Most likely you have enough RAM for One or two programs to be running so having multiple programs running they have to share the RAM also Windows is using a part of your RAM also so really what is causing the lag and the reason for you to want to clear RAM is you don't have enough RAM for the amount of Applications you are running. not that you need to clean the memory as it is not a hard drive it cleans itself. All files/processes that are put into RAM are temporary and are deleted once not in use or are no longer needed. everything that is in the RAM (Random Access Memory) is deleted/cleaned on their own no need to run disk cleaner or any of those other things like defrag as your CPU does that.
@mimining (203)
• Philippines
7 Sep 10
You can also increase the size of your virtual memory if your harddisk is large enough and has large space. It can provide memory storage for some of your applications if your physical RAM hardware is not enough. Check the memory settings of your computer.