very confused whom to...

American Samoa
September 9, 2010 7:47am CST
ahoy there mylotters! hehe how's it been? hehe y'see, i have this situation in our school... well, our school offers a TRIMESTRAL program, i took up a bachelor course, yes, school is fun, school is great, grades are fine but the hardest thing to organize in school is, between your comrades. I'm sort of a "semi-popular" guy in our school. actually, the thing im confused about is, i don't know where to put myself in. I have other good friends at the other section, the same with from another section! and another other section that now it's very complicated... I have many good friends yes, but we are all separated! y'know i want to bond with them sometimes, but? i really don't know where to put myself in! This is crazy but, let's say Section A offers me to be their president on the class, Section B offers me to become an Ambassador of the Class, and the other section offered me to become a freelancer in their class, as a normal student though (peaceful). Now the question is, i don't know what to choose, i don't know what section to mingle with. ugh,... how will i act? what if I choose a Section then the other section would backbite my why i have choose the section that i have chosen! confusing! this is really confusing!! Help me God! help me mylotters!! T_T
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