What were your tricks to potty training?

United States
September 10, 2010 10:15am CST
I am in the process of potty training my 2 year old son and was wondering what is the best way to do it?
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@shia88 (4571)
• Malaysia
10 Sep 10
Hi, Since your son is 2 years old now,it is best time to start for his potty training. For me, I started potty training for my son when he was 13 months old and it took about half a year to get the results. I really have to be patience in training him where to pee and poo and how to do it properly. Now, my son is totally diaperless during day time,only at night time, I will use diaper for my son. The best way to teach your son the potty training basics is to go step by step and make him understand each step in details.Once your son has fully understand the core concept,then get him the potty chair to his comfort. At first,maybe your son may reject to sit in potty chair when he want to pee or poo,but never mind,don't force him. Slowly tell him the useful of this potty chair and let him try sit there with his pant on(not when he wants to pee or poo,just let him sit there for fun). Slowly,he will get curious and wanna know what is the purpose of the potty chair.At time pastby,slowly he will udnerstand the concept on potty training,then he will sit in potty when he really has the needs for it. Of course, accidents may still occur and never scold him when the accidents occured. To make it sound more interesting,you can also read story books or let him listen to music while he is sitting on his potty chair.SO that he will slowly have this habit to sit at potty chair when the needs come. You can also try to decorate his potty chair with his favourite cartoon stickers. Let him paste the stickers on the potty chair. Lastly, never forget to reward your son when he is doing a great job in his potty training. Give him some healthy snacks or reward sticker to encourage him doing even better in future. Potty training is not a fast project,it requires time,patience and supervision. A good training coupled with persistance can make the potty training an easy taske for both parents and also the kids. Good luck!!
• United States
10 Sep 10
Thanks, we started the potty training a couple months ago and we put underwear on him when he is awake. He is almost underwear trained(he usually doesn't pee/poop in them) the problem we are having is that he will not go on the potty chair. He will sit on the potty alot, he just won't go. Instead he will wait until he gets a pull-up on for his nap/bedtime or waits until he takes a bath.
• Philippines
15 Sep 10
shia88, I have a 15 mos. old son. and we never have tried to potty train him. I thought it's the best way to train him when he reach 2 years old. But when I knew your experience and how you do it, I think the earlier I potty train my son is much better. This weekend I will buy a potty chair for him.
@bsollace (55)
• United States
13 Sep 10
we had to put cereal in the potty for him to aim at. and we rewarded him every time. as he was able to stay dry longer the rewards changed so he wouldnt think he got something every time he peed. we bought hot wheels for when he did go poo in the potty. it worked!! every time he went he got to pick out one. it took a couple of months but he finally realized it was just easier to go in the potty. my daughter was a little harder. she loves her stickers for going poo but she doesnt like the little potty you put on the floor. she will play with it but she refuses to even try to go in it. she likes to sit on the big potty like us. so maybe see which one he likes better. and be patient. that is the most difficult thing for them to figure out i think. just always make sure to focus on when he does go. make a big deal and make him feel special. the more fun you make it seem the more comfortable he will get with it.
• United States
14 Sep 10
Thanks for the advice. I think I am going to try the cereal thing tomorrow. I hope it works better than what we have already tried.
@mrsquito (55)
• United States
16 Sep 10
When I potty trained my son, i had more than one potty chair and put them in his favorite places to play. It was easier for him to go over to the potty chair then to run to the bathroom to get him to go. I also made up a pee/pee dance he could do when he had to go. He didn't like to say when he had to go potty so I go him to do the dance whenever he had to go and that worked expecially when we went out. When I decided to potty train I got rid of the diapers. He slept in a pullup. He got to wear big boy underpants when we went out but at the house he mostly was just naked. He didn't like messing up his favorite character on his big boy pants. He thought they would be mad at him if he peed of pooped in his big boy pants so he tried really hard to keep them clean. The cereal in the potty is a great idea too. It gives him something to aim at and he has fun going to the potty. The most important thing is patience and sticking with it. If its not working as fast as you'd like don't give up. My sister quit and started over several times and it took her daughter a while to be potty trained.