'hoping for a season 6...

September 12, 2010 10:00am CST
I really love this series and I'm still hoping season 5 is not the end of it. I want to see more of Dean, Sam, & Castiel. I remember when Dean did this "Eye of the Tiger" MTV at the end of the show... it's cute. Also, when Dean brought Castiel in a bar and set him up on a date but his date freaked out. And a lot of happy thoughts about Supernatural :)
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@LouieWpHs04 (4558)
• United States
19 Sep 10
If I recall properly, a new season is coming back for sure the same day Smallville comes back for it's last season. I can tell you 100% that it's sometime next week or the week after. Go to TV Guide and check their tv show listings so you can get a much more accurate idea,
• Philippines
20 Sep 10
Aaaw! Thanks :) I will check it for sure.
@rkamurugy (279)
• Brazil
13 Sep 10
Hi Sophie, I love that series too, i started watching it because of my sister, she always watch and one day i decide to seat at her side and liked. I already saw all 5 seasons. You can smile, cause season 5 is nit the end of the series, they are making a season 6 (while i post they are making new epsodes to the series), don't remember when it will be released but a season 6 will come in some months (maybe in the begin of 2011).
• Philippines
15 Sep 10
WOW!!! That's a great news! I can't wait to see it. I will really look forward to it. :) Thanks for the info...you really made me smile :)
@Celica (369)
• Bulgaria
21 Sep 10
Hello SUPERNATURAL FANS!!! :)) It is certain there will be a sixth season, which begins on September 25! Hope you like it! :) I look forward to it!
21 Sep 10
now that sam is alive, what will happen next?
@kaeleya (80)
• United States
12 Sep 10
I have watched this show from beginning to end on TNT and the last episode looks hard for it to be another. If there is another season then I will probably watch.