Paid Survey Group and Quick Cash Kit A Big SCAM..

September 13, 2010 7:25am CST
I don't know why there is people here in internet that always scam other people specially in money. Do you know Steve Bryant of "Quick cash Kit"? I will tell you that he and his website is a BIG SCAM. If you review his site, you will be amaze in every words that he said and you will believe it that it was true. Thanks God before i pay to his quick cash scheme, i made a search in the google for "quick Cash Kit Review" and 100% of the review i read is negative comment and all of them saying he was a BIG SCAM. So friend, if there is someone here that planning to join his scheme, don't you ever ever ever do that, because your money will not GET BACK. At his website you can read that he has a 60 days money back guarantee but that is just a bluff. There is no money back to him. I think he has a connection with the founder of Paid Survey Group Jessica House because jessica is the one give me the link to the website of steve bryant saying that PAID SURVEY GROUP has no space and is full to he teamed up to quick cash kit. So there is no doubt, both of them are BIG SCAM.
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