c drive problem?

@kiran9 (255)
September 14, 2010 8:49pm CST
Hi my lot friends, i give 30 g.b space for c drive. Recently I remove a few software from c drive but c drive does not hike the memory. how to hike the c drive memory. How to rectify the problem?
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• United States
15 Sep 10
I assume you are talking about hard drive space and trying to recover some of it. First and foremost, software rarely takes up a too much room on your hard drive and thus deleting it is rarely fruitful and it some cases, should you delete the wrong thing, can be damaging to your system. It's usually things like large music, video, and picture libraries that take up the most space on a hard drive. If you have large collections, I would suggest trying to weed out some of the media that you no longer need. If this isn't your situation, then it could also be clutter (such an temp. internet files, cookies, and etc). It's never a bad idea to periodically clean your computer. There are several good programs for this, my personal favorite being CCleaner (http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner). CCleaner is free program that will remove unnecessary junk files from your computer, fix certain registry errors which can cause performance slumps, and comes with its own uninstaller tool. If you've never cleared out these junk files, then you may notice a substantial amount of space open up by doing so. Secondly, it's unfortunate, but a 30GB hard drive isn't very big. If you can spare the 50-75$, I would recommend getting an 100GB external drive which, in coordination with your system's 30GB drive, would put you on a level playing field with modern systems.
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• India
15 Sep 10
powerfuldragon is 100% right ..I am also using cc cleaner, it is freeware and very light in size...best utility software
@naani533 (70)
• India
13 Feb 11
hi friend by using ccleaner software you can delete the malicious content in it. here iam attaching you an url www.howtogeek.com/forum/topic/ccleaner-tutorial. this will tell you how to use yhe ccleaner. just read it and go ahead
@o0jopak0o (6394)
• Philippines
16 Sep 10
use defragmenter, its a built in program in windows.