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United Arab Emirates
September 15, 2010 7:25am CST
During last few years i have been attending so many interviews and evertime there is some nonsense questions being asked just for the sake of asking. Many a times they don`t even listen to the answer, for ex. why are you looking for a change.... if we say for money the will say money is not everything....... So we tend to stick with for BETTER PROSPECTS... lol I don`t know if this common question is ever asked to you :)
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• Philippines
15 Sep 10
I think they ask this type of question because they wanted to know our answer. These may seem nonsense but interviewers actually make mental note of our replies. These questions arent just made up by the interviewers but are actually was based on an extensive research. These questions are proven to be helpful in determining who is the best for the job.
@Metatronik (6199)
• Pasay, Philippines
15 Sep 10
I haven't encountered that kind of question. Though sometimes the interviewer are intimidating especially if that is HR but there are times that they are good.
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@Hatley (163905)
• Garden Grove, California
15 Sep 10
hi no that was never asked of me, just was I qualified for the job, did I know the dewey decimal stystem, did I know how to alphabetize books and when I applied for nurses aide, did I know about patient care, making hospital beds, etc etc and as I did I got both of those jobs and was years in each o ne as I knew what the heck I was doing.